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Land Use and Urban Design Workshop


Thank you to all who attended.

In-person Workshop

The workshop was held at the North Clairemont Recreation Center on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 to obtain feedback on land use options for key areas within the Clairemont community and meet three key objectives:


  1. Make changes to a minimum of three focus areas

  2. Add housing units above the current plan to meet a target of 5,000 units

  3. Locate about half of the additional units near the three new Mid-Coast Trolley Stations

Features of the workshop included:

  • An "open house" format to allow participants to attend at anytime during the duration of the workshop.

  • Multiple stations highlighted the focus/subareas in the community

  • A workstation for participants to identify view corridors in the community

  • A recurring urban design presentation summarizing key points behind good urban design

  • Presentation boards with conceptual imagery including renderings, illustrated the type of development that could potentially occur with each land use option

  • Comment booklets for participants to record their feedback and provide comments

Land Use Options Exercise

The following are the results of the of the input provided by participants related to the 9 Focus Areas and 33 Subareas as well as additional materials that were provided at the workshop:

View Corridors Identification Exercise

Participants were asked to identify public view corridors in the community as defined by the exercise by applying "dots" within potential public view corridors and view sheds in teh community.  The following reflects the input received and the materials provided. Input from this exercise will be reviewed, analyzed, and refined.



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