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Online Community Engagement Tool

Thank you to all who have provided feedback though this tool. 

What is the Online Community Engagement Tool?

In an ongoing effort to provide innovative approaches to improving the quality of life for residents and businesses, the City of San Diego's Planning Department has developed a new online tool.  This tool allows convenient engagement in the planning process from any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day.  This addresses many of the traditional challenges associated with obtaining input through an in-person workshop.


The Online Community Engagement Tool (OCET) is one of many community engagement tools used to gather input for the community plan update process.  Key points of the OCET are:

  • Represents an innovative approach to public engagement using technology

  • Has the ability to reach a broad range of stakeholders

  • It can be replicated for other planning efforts

  • Results in measurable outcomes

Click on the button below to view the Online Community Engagement Tool:



Helpful Resources:
Online Community Engagement Tool Tutorial

Click on the brief tutorial below to get a general understanding of the Tool's functionality:


Urban Design Background

A series of four Urban Design presentations were held at community meetings. These presentations were intended as a primer to the Online Community Engagement tool and to prepare the community for the upcoming Land Use discussions. Click on the links below to view these presentations:

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